Swingin' and Swimmin'

Geez...I wish this kid would smile more, huh?

Cooper has several baby "rides" that he enjoys. He likes to sit in the laundry basket as Jakob carries it from room to room. We call that, "Boy in a Basket." Then, he likes to lay on a blanket while Jakob drags it and he slides around on the hardwood floors. Naturally, we call that "Boy On a Blanket." Since this is a bucket swing, this ride is referred to as "Boy in a Bucket (Swing)."

When I see him grin from ear to ear like this, my life is perfect.

We attended a Cajun Festival in Simi Valley with Uncle Alex & Aunt Edy on Saturday.

Coop kept trying to get chicks to show their boobs for beads. I told him that it was a family fair and he should get his mind out of the gutter.

Sunday was a big, BIG first: first time in a pool! He loved it. He more than loved it, he went nuts! He splished AND splashed. He laughed the whole time.

Thanks GrAnnemarie and Pepere!
Today--a floatie with a canopy. Tomorrow--a surfboard.

Let Me Slip Into Something More Comfortable...

As you can see, Mr. Cooper Kingsley White is wearing the latest in toddler fashions...a blue doggie hooded robe/towel.

This outfit is perfect for any occassion.
It's casual, yet can be dressed up with slipper socks.
The luxurious cotton/polyester terrycloth blend is, to quote Cooper, "YAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

If he were any cuter, I don't think I could stand it.

Will Cooper be the type of man to wear a robe? Jakob doesn't wear a robe. He's a "towel-around-the-waist' kind of guy.

As an adult, wearing a robe on a daily basis might mean you are one of the following:

1.) a wrinkly, aged playboy (Hefner)
2.) a bowling, freeloading bum (Lebowski)

Or maybe a robe manufacturer. I'm sure they wear their own products.

Malibu Mommy Day

On Mother's Day, the whole fam went on an adventure.

We braved the busy freeways and headed to Malibu Lagoon State Beach. It's one of those places that's so pretty that you wonder if it's real.

The look of joy on Cooper's face when he started to play with sand was magnificent.

His little hands threw the sand up in the air. His little face was beaming with facination. It was the definition of happiness.

I like the concept of the Japanese movie 'After Life.' In the film, counselors help people who have passed away pick one memory. The recently deceased describe the memory and the counselors work with a crew to film it and screen it at week's end; eternity follows.

This day would be my memory to take to eternity.

Best. Day. Ever.

The Grizzly Bear

Once there was a grizzly bear
Who only wanted honey
He was an educated beast
Well read, well fed and funny.
Yet his aim to snag a tasty treat
Played him for the dummy

He sat upon the ground
Peering keenly at the hive
He knew that the venture
Would make him feel alive
And though his fear did overwhelm
His stomach he'd not deprive

He climbed up the tree trunk
With carelessness and speed
He was driven by a hunger
A dire, ravenous greed
But he kept falling to the ground
Another plan he'd need

He decided to strike the tree
Beating it with fierce might
Not thinking about the bee
Who'd come looking for a fight
His blows did shake and rock the hive
The angered bee took flight

As the bee was stinging him
The bear growled with agony
"You tried to take what wasn't yours,"
Said the aggravated bee
"And this is what occurs
When you choose to steal from me."

(In case you were wondering, the bee stung the bear in the bum.)

The end.


The first time I saw you was on an ultrasound.
You were no bigger than an M & M.
Now, you are nearly a year old.

You got your first tooth.
You went on the bucket swing at the park for the first time.
You got your first stuffy nose.

You said your first words.
You took your first steps.
You climbed stairs for the first time.

You got your first nosebleed.
You ate your first "non-baby food" food (scrambled eggs).
You got your first pair of sneakers.

And now, it's my first.
My first Mother's Day as a mom.
Knowing that there are so many "firsts" yet to come is the best Mother's Day Gift of all.

C is for...