I'm so busy at work, but I can feel your yearnings for some Coop.

This vid is older, but I like watching it. It reminds me to take pride in my accomplishments. I don't think I'm proud enough of me. The truth is, I'm not so awful and Cooper is proof of that.

BEHOLD! The Power of ELMO!

Thank you, Mimi, Grampy and Uncles!

There Are Few Upsides to a Hospital Stay...

But free ice cream is one of them.

Pneumonia Infection of the Left Lung

The first movie I remember seeing was E.T. I went to a drive in with my parents. I loved it. Except for the part where E.T. was sick and dying. Tears were rolling down my face. I felt red hot. My heart hurt. But (SPOILER!) E.T. gets better.

I hate sickness. I'm no good around it. Even when Jakob gets so much as a sniffle, I make some soup, pick up some drugs at Ralph's pharmacy and then run for cover. I have a hard time dealing. SERIOUS things like HOSPITALS and IV's and X-RAYS leave me feeling a sense of horror that I just can't describe to you right now. Hospitals are scary places and this impending "pandemic" has made them even more terrifying since I can't see ANYONE's mouth (patients, nurses, doctors are all wearing masks) and all I hear are children coughing, wheezing and crying in agony.

I am currently sitting in Room 533B at Los Angeles Children's Hospital. Cooper has been on a steady regimen of antibiotics to counteract the pneumonia infection. It has made breathing difficult for him.

We spent nearly 12 hours yesterday waiting in a "respiratory room" for a hospital bed to become available. Cooper was amazing. He was so brave and even chatty with the nurses...especially the cute blonde named Lindsay. He was sort of in love with her even though she gave him an "ouchie" when she put in the IV. He said, "Mommy gives me a Band-Aid and kisses and I feel better!" He was trying to tell her how to do her job. She tried to distract him by pointing to the Nemo stickers on the wall.

"Look, that's Nemo!"

"No!" Cooper replied, "That's Nemo's daddy, Marlin."

"Oh." She looked the sticker over. "You know, he's totally right. Nemo would have the gimpy fin. That is Nemo's dad! He's the first one to point that out!" (My gosh, he's soooo Jakob sometimes!) She immediately won him over by giving him a dinosaur sticker...triceratops, his fave!

His numbers are still struggling. Yesterday, he was at a blood oxygen level of 80...nope, that's not good. Today, he's hovering at 90 and 91. He's still asleep. Jakob's asleep. I...well, sleep wasn't coming to me last night. I'll sleep when his eyes and complexion look a little less, "Children of the Damned."

Thanks for all your well wishing. I'll keep you all updated as best I can.