Art Therapy & Ear Medicine

I really should have rested yesterday, but I painted instead.

Something in my head kept yelling, "Get up and paint, Snarky! Sleep only cures fatigue...drink a real soda and let your loud, stinky art out."

BTW - My inner dialogue sounds much like the Scullery Maid from Disney's Sword in the Stone.

Cooper was up all night. He had a slight fever. He was saying that his ear hurts. Every couple of hours, "My eeeur eeeur hoits." He slept in our bed for most of the night and then we were off to the doctor's in the morning.

Here's a word that Cooper now knows and hates with every lil' fiber of his being:


He's not a fan. Nope. Not at all.

This particular antibiotic (Azithromycin) can be taken with food. I tried to get him to swallow using the fave drinks and desserts, but he wasn't falling for it. I offered a cookie ice cream banana sundae. He still scrunched his face and whined as if to say, "If I have to deal with that "medicine" stuff, then keep your sugary goods, Lady."

But he seems like he's on the mend.
And he's been asking for school.
I know he misses it.

All Aboard

Memere and I took Cooper to ride the train at Griffith Park.

That smile is worth more to me than a trunk full of treasure.

He kept laughing and screaming, "Chooooo Chooooo! ALL ABOARD!"

I have a parent/teacher conference this evening. Cooper has been a bit of a challenge lately, but I'm pretty sure that's typical of a two-year-old.

I know that sometimes he doesn't listen, but I suspect that it's not an obedience issue. I can shout, "Cooper, please come here," fourteen or more times and he won't budge. Then I whisper "Muppet Show" from across the room and all of a sudden there's pep in his step. It's "selective hearing" and it's an unfortunate Charbonneau trait. I suffer from it myself. HEY! I can feel all your sarcastic "No, really?" eye rolls!!!

My New Year's Resolution will be to be a better listener.

And, of course, to post more often :)


I acted like a zombie last Sunday.

Look, Ma! I'm in the movies!

To at least a dozen people in this town, I'm still an actress.

Eight Years Ago...

Happy Anniversary, Jakob.

I love you.

Tense Neck

The eggshells I've been treading
Couldn't spare me a beheading...

Zoot Suit

Cooper has learned two new phrases.

He says, "I'm so angry!" then he growls and giggles. It's acting!

Also, he says, "But I don't want to." Get used to that feeling, kid. Sticks with you.

Also, he's been performing dissident music and saying things like, "The moon is banana gonzo!" Perhaps he's emmulating someone?

Yeah, you're's probably this guy:

Too cool, Coop.

The First of Firsts

Dear Cooper,

You came into our bedroom this morning with a smile on your face. Your toothy grin told me that you knew something was up. You were excited.

I made you breakfast. "Here's some yummy pancakes!" I said handing you the plate. "PANCAKES!" you shouted, "I LOVE PANCAKES!" My eyes were wrapped in tears. I was already missing you.

I packed your Animal lunch box with your favorite lunch: half a peanut butter sandwich, green grapes, Goldfish crackers and a Juicy Juice.

I put a change of clothes and a blanket into your SpongeBob pillow case for you.

Your teachers suggested that I provide a "transitional item" just in case you need comfort. Yes, I know you'll be fine. At two years old, you're already adaptable and strong. But if you need him, I sent along your Gonzo doll. Your name is on the back of his shirt.

I put on your lucky green socks, too.

As we walked out the door, I said, "Come on, we have to go to school."

You shouted, "SCHOOL? I LOVE SCHOOL!"

There you are all ready to go.

I dropped you off and you immediately ran to play with the other kids. I had to force you to hug and kiss me and say bye. You wriggled away from my arms and you were off. You were laughing as I waved.

Before I could reach my car, I started bawling. Your teachers saw me in the parking lot and gave me a pack of tissues. Apparently, this happens to every mom on day one and so they have them ready to hand out. They gave me a card said I could call to check up on you if I wanted to.

The day I left for college, my mom cried all morning. I've been crying all morning and you're just down the street at the Y.

Watching your children grow is amazing. And it breaks your heart.

I know you'll be a good boy and make friends. I want to hear all about it when you get home.

I love you, Coop.