A Waste of Cake and Paper?

Happy Birthday, Mr. White.

You told me this year that you didn't want a party because it would be (to quote Patton Oswalt) "a waste of cake and paper."

But Coop insisted on making his Daddy a birthday card.

Since this was gift art, Coop wanted to move beyond crayons to something with more of an archival quality.

I busted out the watercolors. Coop wanted to use every brush and dip into multiple colors. His technique is very progressive.

"Mom! I'm creating art right now! Could you stop it with the photos? You're distracting me."

Here's the finished piece:

Untitled watercolor by Cooper Kingsley White 2/23/08

I think his work is very sensitive. AND he spelled 'Birthday' right! Pretty good.

A great card, an Apple product and breakfast at Big Boy.

Happy birthday.


Remember that time when we talked all night long?
We were shocked to hear birds chirping
A sneaky dawn had arrived
And we kept laughing

Remember that time when you picked me a flower?
You stole it from Beacon Street
Placed it in my hand and said, "It matches your dress."
And we kept walking

Remember that summer on the Cape?
You worked the deli at Star Market
We danced and drank cheap beer
And we kept watching the ocean

Remember that time we didn't talk?
I hated it.

Remember that time we got married and had a baby?
I loved it.

Remember that Valentine's Day when I wrote a piss poor poem-like-thing for you?
We were too broke for gifts
We were too busy to go out
And we kept loving each other anyway.

Play D'oh!

Last week I started my month long stretch in studio. Then, I was abruptly laid off. Then I was suddenly re-hired and now I'm out of a job again.

Weirdest week ever.

Now I'm back to being a full time mommy. It was time to intro (drum roll, please) Playdough.

Coop started by trying to eat it. Of course.

Then, he really got into it. He really liked squishing the colors together and then ripping them apart again. He also enjoyed jamming the colors back into the correct container. He likes sorting and filing and putting things away. Future artist/musician/athlete/administrator.

I like his take on Edvard Munch's THE SCREAM. Nice.