Everybody Hurts

Dear Cooper,

It seems that Daddy's business trip to India just happen to coincide with your full-throttle launch into the "terrific" two's.

We've had some major meltdowns the past couple of days and I want you to know that I'm not mad.

The incident in the park with the bubbles was just as heartbreaking for me as it was for you.

Those kids had brought buckets of bubbles. I know you've never seen so many bubbles before and that must have been a bit over-stimulating. And those kids were older and not playing very nice. They didn't understand that you were just a baby. And you did start pouring all the bubbles onto your chest and that was not a popular decision amongst the crowd of 7 and 8 year olds. I felt it was time to leave the bubble area. I tried to explain that we'd play somewhere else and all would be ok, but you just kept crying out in agony..."BUBBLE! BUBBLE! BAAAAAAAABOOOOOOOOL!"

After snack, you felt better.

I hope I'm not turning you into an emotional eater. Mommy tends to get over grief with treats. It's not the best way to deal with your problems...but sometimes you just need treats to get through.

We watched Beakman's World this morning. It was about how things float (density and displacement). You really like "Phoebe." You always like the girls.

I know you are struggling with trying to be a good boy. I can tell what a great heart you have. You want to be friendly. You want to be good. And you're trying to figure this whole language thing out. It's frustrating. Honestly, I still have a hard time trying to say exactly what I mean.

And this time with Daddy being gone...I'm not gonna lie. It stinks. It stinks like poopy. But it'll be over soon. He'll be back and it'll get better. I promise.

I'll do all I can do to make sure your two's are not terrible.

I love you, Coop.



He's staying at the RAMADA, not the Marriott.

That's a horse of a different color.


Burbank to Mumbai

My husband flies to India on Sunday.

He'll be staying at the Mumbai Marriott of JuHu Beach.

Holy Vishnu! It's a paradise! I'm wicked jealous.

If you take the hotel's website photo tour you can see all the super fancy stuff this place has to offer. (And the picture of the entrance makes it look like you get a free, high-class courtesan upon check-in.)

I wonder if Jakob will get a Ayurvedic Massage or visit the Enigma Lounge.

The only definite plan he's shared with me is waking up at 5:30am to watch the Celtics game.

I'm going to miss him so much.

It's hard to be away from the one you love.

Coffee Conspiracy

8 varieties of coffee are offered at work and they all taste the same.

Is this 'Colombian Supremo'?


It's 'Lake and Lodge Blend.'

I bet it's the same coffee with different labels on it to give us the illusion of choice.

Bubbles Are Magic