My Little Lady

Somebody mentioned my blog the other day and I thought to myself, "Oh, yeah! I still have that blog thing!" And when I visited my ever-neglected blog, I saw my lovely children and noticed how I chronicled the heck out of Cooper's early life!

But as far as Ruby...well, I have not said enough about my Ruby Zuzu. Second child syndrome...less pics, less video and less hilarious blog stories. Apologies to my little dynamo of a gal!

Dear Ruby,

Let me take a moment to talk about a few fantastic things about YOU!

PRINCESS! You love dressing like a princess. You love watching movies about princesses. You keep changing which Disney princess is your favorite. You used to love Arial from 'The Little Mermaid.' Then it was Jasmine from 'Alladin.' Now it's Merida from 'Brave.' That's probably because she has stunning (and difficult) curly hair just like you. She also has a wild way about her. Just like you!

You love to color. You love bubbles. You love hiding and being chased and laughing a huge laugh that shocks people when they hear it..."Was that a trucker? Nope. It was that adorable pre-schooler!"

You are starting to refuse naps and so you pass out when it gets to finally be too much. I just had to take a picture. Please refrain from being the girl who passes out at parties when you're older.

When we took you to Disneyland, you wanted to fly. Cooper's never been into rides at amusement parks. He's like your dad that way. We walked by a ride at the 'A Bugs Life' attraction where you got to sit in a snack cup and be lifted in the air and spin around. You looked at it and said, "Mommy, I want to fly!" I was thrilled. Finally! Someone who wants to go for a ride!

You liked the merry-go-round, too. Look at you in your fur hat with a proud Memere next to you! Everyone in the park smiled when they saw you. And always the same comments, "What a doll!" and "Oh, my! Look at that beautiful hair!"

And your best friend in the whole world is Cooper.

You play so well together. You're the Wonder Woman to his Batman. You like dressing up in sheets and pretending to be ghosts together. You both walk about moaning, "boooooooooo," like something out of Scooby Doo.

When I first heard I was having a girl, I didn't believe the doc. I was certain I was going to have two boys. Then, when there was no denying it, I was scared. A girl in the harsh would I protect you? How would I ensure you would hold your head up high? How would I make sure that you treated yourself with respect and loved yourself?

At nearly 3 years old, I already see the person you are. You are STRONG. You don't take any bs. You work it. You are funny and lovely, but you are not going to let anyone push you around. You, little girl, kick major ass. You may look like a princess, but you march around like a warrior and I am so incredibly proud of you.

Now that we get to talk to each other and you tell me all about your day and all about Jacob and Moses at daycare and about going poo poo on the potty and about how you love milk and lollipops...I just adore the person you are.

And I'm sorry there's not more pictures or postings, but you should know I love you so much. I'm so glad I was given a daughter like you.