The month of February kicks me right in the balls.
A thousand pardons if you find that expression vulgar, but it's how I feel.

I can never think of what to do for Jakob's birthday. I wish we had more money so I could buy him LOST:THE GAME.

The good news is that Cooper has started his new daycare and they adore him. He had his first three days last week and they had nothing but glowing things to say about him. He went to the potty. He shared. They even commented on how advanced he is verbally. Teacher Stella explained to me that she has the children sit on the blue circle rug and wait to go outside until she calls their names one by one. Cooper piped up, "Could you please call my name. I want to go outside!" She said she was blown away. (Language delayed my butt!)

I was just so overjoyed to have a daycare professional say positive things about my kid. I got a little weepy when she talked about how great he was doing there. I think the other daycare experience filled me with a tremendous amount of shame.

Speaking of shame, I'm working out everyday, but I'm still gaining my weight back. Also, I haven't painted in weeks. Also, I still don't have a job. I really thought I'd be hired by now. I guess the tv news is right, things are the worse they've been in 34 years.