Hello, Handsome!

Ok, I'll admit it. I dressed him like an Easter egg for picture day. But every preschooler needs a picture that screams, "Mommy Picked This Outfit." And yes, that outfit usually involves a sweater vest.

Egg Hunt


We had some folks over on Saturday for a Pre-Easter celebration.

There was candy, ham and an egg hunt. I took some video with the new camera, but I can't get the audio to play back. At 30-something years old, I really should start reading owner's manuals. That would be more efficient than my trial-and-error method to learning gadgets. Maybe next year.

Each time Cooper found a new egg he would let out a blood-curdling scream of, "I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!" There were 50 eggs.

Kate had a hilarious happening at the local Albertson's. I won't give you the deets. It's her story to tell. I'll only say that it involved indecent exposure and shattered glass.

The egg hunt was halted for about 15-minutes so we could all admire this awesome lizard. Cooper kept looking at him and saying, "HI MR. LIZARD!" The lizard didn't want die, but he didn't want to move either.

Alex and Edy were visiting from Colombia. It was good to have everyone around. Once PJ went off on a drunken rant about how the characters on Grey's Anatomy were all "childish idiots", it felt like a true family gathering.

Cooper played hide and seek with Carrie, made a magic soup with Edy and forced Alex to play, "Chef."

The following day, Cooper woke up to an Easter bucket. Apparently, the Easter Bunny thought my little boy would use a bucket much more than a basket. He's a clever bunny.

Inside the bucket was a Toy Story flashlight, which Cooper used to find his hidden bunny gift.

(FYI--the Easter Bunny who visited me in the 1980's and part of the 90's never left gifts. He left candy and maybe some socks. This new bunny leaves gifts. I guess he's doing well despite these hard economic times.)

Coop finally found an Evil Emperor Zurg toy in mommy's speakeasy liquor cabinet. (Hey, Mr. Bunny! Did you help yourself to my hooch? I'm checking the levels in those bottles!)

The toy has a maniacal laugh and three evil sayings:




Coop hasn't stopped pressing the button since Sunday morning.

I'm hearing "DESTROY BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" in my sleep.

Thank you, Easter Bunny.

Happy Afro Fools Day

I've been in this wig for an hour and Cooper keeps asking me to take it off.

"Mommy...you're hair is NOT your hair!!!"

I'm going to keep it on until Jakob gets home. After a long day at jury duty, he needs to witness my awesomeness. Or, at the very least, roll his eyes at me.