The family that plays together, stays together.

When our dear friends Josh and Kayla Cagan gave our family the incredible gift of designing our very own MUPPET WHATNOTS, well, we took it very seriously!

Cooper's Whatnot arrived first. Coop went with a lounge singer dressed in a burgundy tux. SO CLASSY! We believe he picked this attire because it looks a lot like something The Great Gonzo might wear. In fact, he named this new friend 'Gonzo.' And because he already has a smaller stuffed animal of that other Gonzo, he calls this one 'THE BIG GONZO."

Jakob's Whatnot looks like a crazed economist. I feel like he should be yelling at me about our current feduciary crisis. The plaid suit, bald head and glasses made me laugh as soon as I saw him.

My whatnot is a showgirl, actress, performer, fashionista, poet, artist, drunkard, tough cookie with a big heart...just like me! Cooper named her...her name is "Pretty."

Thanks, Cagans!

The Essence of Democracy

Hey, where the dilly have I been?

Well, today I've been called forth to serve Jury Duty at the Foltz Criminal Court Center in Downtown Los Angeles. A judge just walked us through orientation. She called us "the essence of democracy." I'm waiting in a humble and odorific assembly room for my name to be called. What a perfect time to blog.

There's a lot going on. I started a new job. I commute from Burbank to El Segundo every day. It's murder. Not "flock of crows" murder. More like 'suffocating' or 'drowning' murder. I take three highways (which feel more like parking lots) and it usually clocks in at around 90 minutes or more of me sitting in traffic.

As some of you know, I have a lot of anxiety when I drive. The freeways of this city make me tense. It's not fun. However, the show I'm currently working on is by far the most rewarding and emotionally draining television I've ever produced. I can't reveal too much about it, but keep an eye out for 'Obsessed' when it premiers on A & E this summer. You'll find my name in the credits under Assistant Story Producer.

Now, on to the real reason anyone visits this blog - COOPER! My next post will have more pix. Here's one from my friend Robert's blog:

My lil' Coop is growing up fast. His verbal skills are quite extraordinary. He now tells me about his day at school. He says he has a friend named Sam. I guess last week Sam hurt his lip and Cooper was concerned about him. Now he tells me that Sam's all better.

I love talking to my son. He's hilarious. In his best Fozzie Bear voice he shouts, "Ahhhh, I am so funny! You don't know funny. I'M FUNNY!"

He loves looking at himself in the mirror, especially when he's wearing a cape. He has Batman pajamas and a Superman shirt. Both have little capes on the shoulders attached with Velcro. (Hook and Loop Tape for those of you who work on craft shows. Tee hee.) He dances around and pretends to fly. It's so freakin' adorable.

COMING SOON: Cooper's new PUPPETS...Cooper sings with Daddy...More Cooper Fashion Trends and Cooper Cooks.

Check back for those delights.