Halloween is done and done!

Ruby was a little bat this year.

She was really using her upper register this evening, too, so it was like she was perfecting her bat screech!

She and I stayed behind in case we got any trick-or-treaters and daddy took Coop out through the neighborhood.

Cooper was Wall-E the robot. The whole family pitched in to make his costume. Well, Ruby didn't help much. She was more of a supervisor.

Daddy brought him to the UPS store to be fitted for a box.

When Cooper gets real mad at me, he screams, "I want my other mother!' So, I dressed up as The Other Mother from the film Coraline. Buttons for eyes.

Cooper got the candy he wanted (lollipops and fruit chews) and he gave me the chocolate candy rejects (Almond Joy and Butterfingers.) It was a happy, happy Halloween. Now I'm going to wash this black spray out of my hair and call it a night.


I've been working so hard at the new job that I nearly missed the month of October. I blinked and it was my birthday. I coughed and it was Halloween.

The pumpkin patch game has changed. Used to be just pumpkins and some places offered cider. Maybe some face painting.

The place we went to had Hover Tee Ball, a bounce house, a petting zoo and ponies!

I asked Cooper what his pony's name was. He say, "Boinkers. Boinkers the pony."

The crazy number of activities! The crazy number of kids! The crazy number of dollars these people were charging for pumpkins! It was all a bit much.

Ruby was less than impressed. It was damp and there was a chill in the air.

My girl prefers sunshine.

But no matter how gray a day, her daddy always makes her smile.

Ruby, Cooper and I decorated the front yard.

We added a cheesy Wolf Dude to our pumpkin display.

Look at Wolf Dude's tense expression. Must have been driving on the 405.

We also hung ghosts and put up spider webs.

Cooper really wanted me to cut holes in a sheet so her could be a ghost. He saw It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on tv and it stuck in his mind.

I quickly cut the hole without any real measuring. He played in the costume for a good long while, but he couldn't see. Watching him try to navigate the backyard in fitted sheet was pretty hilarious. I caught some video.

Tonight is Trick-Or-Treating. I know Cooper will come back and hold up each piece of candy and ask, "Is this chocolate?" He hates chocolate. He only wants fruity candy. And then we'll watch Scooby Doo. And then we'll read the book Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. And then another October will be over, done with and gone.