Ruby's Birthday!

Ruby is a year old. Yup...ain't that a kick in the head.

The theme for the party was WONDER WOMAN! We encouraged everyone to wear super hero apparel. Ruby was outfitted in a Wonder Woman onesie.

She ate cake for the first time. That's the prize for surviving 12 get to ingest cake!

She was more cautious about it than Cooper was. She took a little taste on the tip of her finger. Then she chomped on some crumbs. After about ten minutes, she started digging her hand in and going for it.

It just goes to show you, girls = careful. Boys = dive right in.

Ruby is now walking everywhere. You can't stop her. She's a powerhouse forged in steel! My baby gal is heard as nails. Ruby Zu don't take no mess.

Happy Birthday, Ruby. You are my wonder woman.

Now THAT's Sadness...

Hey Mom...

Yeah, I'm crying! Why you ask...well, let's see...

Cooper's major milestones appear to be typed out for all the blogosphere to read and relish.

What about me, Ma? I turned one year old back in May. Where's my post?

I also have gas from the garden vegetable puree.



Dear Ruby,

Life is full of waiting for others to hurray up and do! I'll try my best not to make you wait, but I'll tell you right now, it's gonna happen. I'm a super busy lady with way too much on my plate. It runs in the family. I'm sure you'll be a super busy lady with no time one day, too. With a purse. And a phone.

I'll get a birthday post up soon with video. Will that dry those tears?

No? Well, that must be some strong gas. Fart it out, sister. Better out than in.

Please forgive your procrastinating parental figure.

I love you,