New Fave Band:

Ladies and Geklefins...please enjoy the musical stylings of...


CLICK HERE to see Cooper and Uncle Sean rock the guitar

CLICK HERE to see Cooper go solo

Breakfast of Champions

Superman cup + Batman pajamas + Krispy Kreme donut = SUPER COOPER flying around the house for nearly half and hour

Fashion and Vegetables

This style is so versatile. It works for a 2 year old who digs Yo Gabba Gabba or a 22 year old enjoying their 5th year at Emerson and still living at the Little Building dorm...who also digs Yo Gabba Gabba.

Those are the slippers that Jakob got for me to wear in the hospital when I was giving birth to Cooper. Simpsons fans will know that famous fish.

Cooper told me last night that he wanted to be a green bean. I was confused.

"You mean you want to eat green beans?"

"No, I want to BE a GREEN BEAN!"

Hey, we all have dreams.