Who Wants a Silent Night? I Wanna Rock.

I did make it to Cooper's recital on Friday.

I was thirty-one minutes late thanks to traffic caused by the rain.

Hear me, people of Los Angeles...consider staying in when the big, bad water falls from the sky. Driving here is Hades.

There were no spots left anywhere near the school. I parked several blocks away and ran as fast as a gal my size can run in heels. Rain spat all over my hair, my dress and my camera. I came into the kids' school swearing. Then I saw my Ruby and I had to smile.

And there was my Cooper performing in his elfin garb.

When they told us via school memo that the kids would be dressing up as elves for the holiday concert, I thought, "This is a racket orchestrated by The Oriental Trading Co. to get me to buy a costume." But it was $12 well spent. The goofy pictures of my one and only boy in that get up are well worth the twelve-hundred cents.

He didn't see me at first. I was dancing with Ruby in my arms and beaming at him with unabashed holiday cheer. All the tension from the drizzly, accident strewn freeway disappeared and I enjoyed watching my kid.

WHAM's immortal 'Wake Me Up Before Yo9u Go Go." No holiday celebration is complete with it.

Check out the way Coop plays that bass. Oh, did you think that was a guitar? Well, you would be wrong.

After the show, I told Cooper that I liked his guitar playing. He gave an exasperated sigh and said, "No, that's not a guitar. That's a bass!" Oh, a thousand apologies, Mr. Entwistle.

The evening concluded with this festive folk dance. I wanted to ask the meaning behind the dance, but I didn't want to seem ignorant and my entire family is still sick with a cold that's been clingy on for the past eleven days. I thought it best that we do quick waves goodbye and head home for rest. But if anyone knows what this dance signifies besides, "Behold the young gents dancing with napkins and the lovely lady with a parasol," I'd love any info.

Cooper and I ran to the car in the rain. We talked all about the show. I told him I was so proud of him. He told me Christmas was his favorite holiday. I took him home the long way so we could see all the houses decorated with Christmas lights. And each time I heard him say with excitement from the backseat, "Oooo! There's more Christmas lights, Mommy!" I felt true Christmas magic.