Owl Hat + Cupcake Pillow + Ruby = ADORABLE

Conversation From the Future

Ruby: "I like that picture of me lying on the poop-colored carpet from the Tujunga house."

Cooper: "Yep. I'm looking down at you and I'm wearing my French Fry shirt. I love that picture."

That's a conversation I imagined them having in 2021. Just for fun, You can vote on what the next line might end up being:

a. "That's back when dad had a beard."
b. "The Tujunga house had lizards, fruit trees and a fireplace!"
c. "I don't even remember the Tujunga house.
d. "Mom's a cuckoo."

Ruby Rawk Gurl at Two Months

Dear Ruby Zuzu,

First things first...rawk is actually spelled R-O-C-K and gurl is actually spelled G-I-R-L. Sorry. It's a habit I picked up last decade. I wonder how your generation will talk and spell. I wonder how the language will adapt/erode. I'm sure I won't "get it," because I'll be, "elderlier." (That's how kids in the future say "old.")

The other day I was looking at you and I thought to myself, "My goodness...she's beautiful." In fact I started singing, "You Are So Beautiful (To Me)."

It wasn't so much the Joe Cocker version. It was more like the version from The Simpsons when Homer has hair and an assistant named Carl voiced by Harvey Fierstein and he hires a guy to sing it to Marge on her anniversary. Remember? Yes, everything CAN be categorized in Simpsonese!

And then my next thought was, "My goodness...before I know it she'll have a purse and a phone."

You see, now that your brother is four, I realize how fast this all goes by. You'll be talking, walking, eating real food, and zipping around in L.A. traffic before I can say, "I don't care that nobody else on the planet has a curfew, YOU HAVE A CURFEW."

I'm trying to enjoy these little moment while you're still little. After all, you'll never be this small again.

You've made it through month number two! You're smiling. You're sleeping through the night. You're growing. You're moving all around. I can see how eager you are to get up and run. Honestly, it fills me with both joy and worry. I always want to keep you safe.

And yes, you still have cranky fits and atrocious gas. But every now and then you look at me with this expression that seems to say, "It's ok, Mom."

And that makes me feel better.

And so thank you.

Artist CKW...the early years

"Turtle" by Cooper Kingsley White


Cooper has been waiting for Toy Story 3 to come out since he started seeing the billboards in late April. It was his first, "I-can't-wait-for-that-to-be-released-in-the-theater!" cinema anticipation experience.

So...why not do it right and go to the INSANE SUPER CRAZY FUN ZONE area that they have constructed by the El Capitain in Hollywood.

Disney took over the football field of Hollywood High and turned it into a hyperactive preschooler's paradise.

There was a playground, a bounce house and games.

There was also a LIVE SHOW!

Coop made himself very comfortable in a bean bag chair and watched the "Dancing with the Toys" program in its entirety.


Can you believe it? He met THE Woody and THE Buzz.

I wish I could go to a fun zone and meet my heroes. Please tell me if David Lynch, Tim Burton and Julie Taymor come together to make a fun zone. I'm there! I'm a little terrified, but I'm there.

Violet's Birthday

All Cooper wanted for his birthday was a play date with Violet. And in return, Violet was kind enough to invite Coop to her birthday last weekend.

It was a lovely tea party complete with yummy cupcake fun!

At first the kids ran around screaming and laughing wildly, as kids do. Then when tea time began, each child sat in their seat and sipped tea like the most civilized of civilians. You could practically hear the classical music in the background!

They were perfect ladies and gentlemen. Well, gentleman. I had to say it was a good day.

So You Think You Can Dance, Pre-School Edition

Cooper had a dance recital at his school.

There are three girls and three boys in dance class. One boy jumped off the stage, too scared to participate. The other little boy stayed on stage, but cried the whole time. Cooper was the only boy to perform...and perform with GUSTO!

Did you hear that, "YEE HAW"? That's showmanship, people!

I love when he takes the crying boy's hands and forces him to do-si-do. If not for Coop, I doubt he would've moved at all.

Here he is running off the stage. Hey, I understand. I always want a bigger
stage. I enjoy the space I take.

Like how he tosses those pom poms?

Now...I will admit that at one point, Cooper and another little boy started fighting on stage. He was NOT a boy from dance class. For some strange reason, the dance teacher invited ALL the kids to come on stage and join in dancing. Odd, in my humble opinion, since this was a RECITAL and as much as I'm all for the "everyone can be part of the club" mentality, I was cringing when she put this boy right next to Cooper. It was someone he has been having issues with.

It was not a proud moment. It was me yelling from the audience, "Cooper, STOP! NO HITTING!" No one, not the teacher or the director or anyone interceded to stop the violence. I was embarrassed. I didn't tape that part.

But I'm still proud of how Cooper did at the show. Let them look at me and shake their heads. I'll just stick my head up high and say, "Well, at least my son gave you a show, people!"