Photos from Team Powellstein Nuptial

Congrats to Karen and Jason on taking the plunge!

Thank you for allowing us to take part in such a beautiful event. Much love and luck to both of you.

I have the physique of a bloated whale moose thanks to the pregnancy, but I still tried to cute it up for the wedding.

They had temp tattoos of their "Team Powellstein" logo available on all the tables, so I slapped mine on with pride.

Flying Powellstein.

Holiday Cookies 2009

I know I'm a bit late to post this Christmas photo, but I wanted to share.

I rarely use the word, "charming," but it is.

Perhaps Cooper will pull this photo up on his computer/phone machine someday to show someone and he'll say, "Here I am making cookies with my mom." And that someone will say, "Holy Soap! Look how young your mom was!"

(In the future, "Holy Soap," is something the kids say.)

Mr. 88 Keys

She drinks tea now instead.

Mrs. Debacle missed whiskey as if it were a dear friend who left town and never spoke to her again.

New 2010 calendar is in the works. Sorry for the delay.

And how are you feeling today, Mrs. White?

To Infinity and Beyond!

Just three months ago, my kid wanted to be in The Electric Mayhem.
Today, he wants to join Star Command.

The helmet was his idea. And a good idea at that! It both adds to the costume and protects the noggin when "falling with style."

I like that he couldn't even wait for the paint to dry to strap on those wings.

Well, honestly, how could he? The Evil Emperor Zurg was threatening the galaxy! There was no time!