Happy Father's Day

When I was 15, a guy who could play guitar was sexy.

When I was 20, a guy who could make me laugh was sexy.

Now that I'm 32...

a guy who can multitask is the sexiest man alive!!!

Happy Father's Day, Jakob.

Ruby Zuzu - One Month Old

Dear Ruby,

You made it through the first month. Congrats to both of us.

You're a healthy gal, but you spit up a lot. You also fart quite a bit, too. We dress you up like a pretty, pretty princess and then witness you puking and barfing on everyone as they talk about how gorgeous you are.

You fooled me. I thought you were quiet. Not so. Three weeks on the planet and you decided to show your true colors. Now I know that the day I pushed you out, I released the Kraken.

You stick out your tongue. You're very strong. You're already holding your head up. You grab onto my hair and clench your fist with the tenacity of a pit bull with lockjaw. Momma's precious angel.

You're an amazing human being. I'm going to say that to you every day of your life.

I love you, Ruby Zuzu.



Birthday Buzz

This past Sunday we had a birthday party for Cooper.

The theme: Toy Story. Of course.

Since Coop is always running around in his Buzz Lightyear wings, I thought it would be fun to have Jakob come out as Evil Emperor Zurg (Buzz Lightyear's arch nemesis).

To make Zurg's appearance all the more exciting, I filled up 50 water balloons and distributed them among the party guests. This way we could all thwart Zurg together!

NOTE: I constructed Zurg's costume entirely out of whatever I found around the home (file folders, trash bags, tin foil). Having a newborn to care for did not leave a tremendous amount of prep time.

Check out the video of Cooper and friends defeating Zurg:

I love when Cooper gets the hose. He's a man of action!

I also love my husband. Thanks, Jakob, for participating in my "Parenthood," inspired vision.

Here's the cake I stayed up way too late making the night before.

Cooper saw it and said, "Yay! Now I want a Slinky the Dog cake and a Rex the Dinosaur cake and a Mr. Potato Head cake and, and, and..." I kindly said, "This ain't Ace of Cakes, kid. This is what ya got. Eat it. And like it."

I'm not sure who had more fun, Cooper or all us aged hipster thirty-somethingers. Give people water balloons and cake and you will inspire smiles.

It was a spectacular celebration and a great end to Memere's stay with us.

Happy Birthday, Cooper White!

Cooper Turns 4

Yesterday was Coop's 4th birthday.

He awoke at 6:00am, crawled into my bed and watched 'Follow That Bird' with Ruby and I. Then we all ate blueberry pancakes with whipped cream. Cooper dipped each piece of bacon in the whipped cream before scarfing it down.

Daddy had offered to take Coop to an amusement park or Sea World for his birthday, but he wanted a play date with Violet instead. Jakob joked that Coop has already blown off his old man to spend time with a girlfriend.

We're having an official birthday party on Sunday, but I made a small Woody cake to mark the actual b-day. (What cake will I make on Sunday? HINT--he's a space ranger.)

When Violet arrived, Coop rushed to the front yard and screamed her name through the hedges. "Violet! You're here! I can't wait to see you! I love you!"

Little did he know that Violet was yelling back from her car, "Cooper, I want to hug you!"

He adores her. Just look at this glance across the table.

He got a Super Why costume (pictures to come!) and insisted on getting Violet a Princess Presto costume so they could play Super Why together. I hid tons of letters in the backyard so they could find them. If you don't watch PBS, then you don't know Super Why from Adam and none of this means anything. But if you're in the know, it's freakin' adorable!

Violet gave him an awesome robot making set. They took time building robots, having a tea party, playing store, playing instruments and playing Nintendo Wii. It was a full day.

There were many amazing presents (we WILL be posting Coop modeling the Woody the cowboy towel that Mimi sent. It's hysterical.) and now we're gearing up for Sunday...there are some big surprises ahead! Stay tuned!