GRRRRRR! Monster Box!

I've been working on some shadowboxes...

VOILA! The Monster Box! This is the first one I made. His name is "BOOSHOCKA!" The tongue springs forward against the front glass and you can see down his throat.

This green lovely is the next one I created. I named her, "GLAMOURIZZA!" Beautiful, ain't she?

There's a mirror in the rear of the box. When you peak in, it looks like YOU are in the monster's mouth.

Here's where I went a little nuts. This is "SYBILOBSTRA!" She's a monster within a monster within a monster within a monster.

I even put wee little flashlights in her eyes to make them glow firey red. That's right. Don't mess with Sybilobstra. She'll wreck ya!

To check out more shadowboxes & monsters, click here to visit Flickr.

Super DUPER Hero - El Preggo Grande!

LOOK! It's a Macy's Day Balloon! It's a Land-Wandering Manatee! It's the Stay Puft Marshmello Man!


Able to laugh heartily in the face of swelling & bloating. HA HA HAAAAAA!

You poor kid. Your parents are so friggin' goofy.

Seven Months

Dear Little One,

We're in the homestretch! You now weigh 3 pounds. THREE POUNDS! I couldn't afford to buy 3 pounds of veal or lobster! Holy moly!

I saw you on a monitor last week at Dr. Shah's office and you refused to show us your face. You hid behind your hand. Are you shy? Are you stubborn? Are you teasing?

In less than 90 days, I'll finally get to meet you. I can't wait to hear what you sound like. I can't wait to hold you. I can't wait to see what a combination of mommy & daddy's features will look like! (Will you get dad's ears? If so, fear not--you WILL grow into them.)

And I can't wait to thank you for all you've already given to me.

Because of you, I began doing yoga. Yo! Check my balanced chakras!

Because of you, I stopped drinking. My liver is probably thriving again!

Because of you, I stopped consuming 5 cups of coffee and 2 sodas per day. I quit caffeine and my body is not nearly as stiff as it used to be.

Because of you (and my desire to actually "go to the bathroom" when I go to the bathroom), I have learned the value of a high-fiber diet.

Because of you, I have a newfound love and respect for my own mother and everything she did to bring me into this world.

Because of you, I have been in touch with people that I haven't spoken to in years and it feels good to reconnect.

Because of you, my husband thinks I'm a goddess. (He thought that before, but this pregnancy thing is really blowing his mind.)

But most of all, because of you I have found courage inside myself. I used to practiced a lot of "duck & cover" when it came to scary stuff. Now, I've become brave. You deserve a brave mommy who will show you how to use caution, but NEVER let fear run your life.

I've always had a big heart with lots of love to give. But I've never felt a love so enormous as the love I feel for you. Love that huge IS scary. To care so much for something takes courage. Honestly, I don't ever want you to be harmed, or be taken away, or get sick, or have anything bad happen to you. But I won't live in fear of this love. I embrace this love.

I thank you for choosing me to be part of this love.

Now, there are some unpleasantries that gestation has brought with it. Restless leg syndrome. Urinating 12 times a day. The lethal farts that make your father run away from me.

But the love is worth all of it. For sure.



Art Baby - Round Two!

Dear Little One,

Happy week 27! Things are movin' right along. You are a very active bundle of joy! I can see my abdomin quake when you're restless. I can't wait to show my baby bump bouncing about to others and amaze them (or watch them seriously wig out).

Momma had a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. They gave her orange sugar water. After an hour, a very nervous phlebotomist couldn't seem to locate mom's veins in either arm. Finally, a butterfly needle in my left hand proved to be a winner.

I have completed 8 more paintings for your nursery. I tried to throw some not-so-tradition animals in the mix. Hence, this blowfish. It's also called a puffer fish. Either way, it's a funny animal that you shouldn't touch.

Your dad seems to find this koala bear REALLY amusing. I think it's something to do with the laid back eyes. He's just munching on some primo eucalyptus, man. Get off of his cloud!

Personally, I adore the hippo. When your dad and I went to the San Diego zoo, I refused to leave the hippo tank. I watched her swim around and around and around. She was two tons of cellulite and the most graceful thing I've ever seen. We became friends right away.

Maybe I'll make up a hippo song for you. You're probably getting sick of me singing, "You Are My Sunshine," but it's one of the few lullabies that I know all the words to. I'll work on my "Hush Little Baby," and "Rainbow Connection," to give you a little variety.

Love, love, love you so much,


To view all the paintings completed thus far,Click Here to Visit Flickr

Arty Baby

Dear Little One In My Tummy,

You are just growing up a storm, aren't ya? You're developing at super duper warp speed! You are over a foot long and way nearly 2 pounds! I can feel you kicking and punching me daily. I love it. Keep abusing me. It reminds me that you are alive in there.

What's mommy doing? Well, dad and I are in the process of converting the office into a nursery. My plan is still to have your Grampa Joe paint a gorgeous mural for you. However, I'm not sure he'll be able to make it out to California prior to your arrival. I wanted to make colorful, fun paintings to hang on your wall.

I was going to do some Jim Henson Muppets or Dr. Suess illustrations, but your father suggested that I make my own drawings. I decided to sketch out and paint some silly wildlife. I started with a giraffe since that is your dad's favorite animal. I think that's because they have long necks (like he does) and they tend to stare and ponder without making a noise (like he does).

Both your dad and Uncle Andrew find this particular elephant to be "shifty." I don't agree. I think this elephant is just being "coy." I figure you and I and your daddy can make up elaborate stories based on these animals that adorn your room.

For example, this is OPAL--the OCTOPUS. She went to school at OBERLIN where she studied the OBOE and OPERA. She hopes to someday write an OPUS. She loves eating OLIVES, OREO cookies, ONIONS and OYSTERS. Her best friends are an ODD OSTRICH named OSCAR and an OLD OWL named OMAR from OXFORD.

Just three more months until we meet. Think I can paint 26 of these by then?

I luv u.


To view all the paintings completed thus far,Click Here to Visit Flickr

5 Cute Baby Items That Makes Me Squeal With Delight

#1. Love/Hate Scratch Mittens
I found these on a cool British site called Babies can get awful fussy when it comes to clipping their nails. Their fingers are so freakin' small. These little mittens keep them from scratching themselves in between grooming sessions. Plus, they're totally biker/gangsta/outlaw rad!

#2. The Bob Dylan Onsie
Get it? It's BOB DYLAN and it says, "Time I Need A-Changin'!" HA HA! My husband loves this garmet, also from

#3. The Sushi Changing Matt
This I found on an adorable website called It's so funky!

#4. The BEES KNEES Crawling Pants
Found at, these pants are AWESOME! For the little crawler in your life, they have cushy inserts to protect brand new knees and absorb shock. Genius!

#5a. IF I HAVE A GIRL - The Sugar Skull Toddler Dress
Ever since my last job, I've been very into 'Day of the Dead' decor. The truth is--I want this dress, but my baby is obviously going to be cooler than me, so the folks at have made them in toddler sizes.

#5b. IF I HAVE A BOY - The Pee Pee Tee Pee
I must admit, this is my fave. Developed by Urban Baby Designs, this cone shaped, cloth product goes over your little guy's little guy so you don't get sprayed by spontsaneous piss when you're changin' him. And I love the name...tee hee :)