6 Months

Yesterday was your Official Half Birthday, Cooper. You made it through 50% of a year. Congrats!!!

Since this is a special milestone, I decided to compose a poem for the occasion. Now, Momma is no poet! But being that it is December, I was feeling the holiday spirit and everyone knows that the holiday spirit makes you want to rhyme.

I took you home on a Monday,
Knowing all too well that someday
You'd grow up in a short amount of time.

And though at first you couldn't see,
You seemed to recognize me
When I sang, "You Are My Sunshine."

In just a few short weeks,
You had round, dimpled cheeks
And your eyes and ears revealed the world to you.

Then you began talking
All day long you're squawking
and every noise is beautiful and new.

Not an infant anymore
Now you've started to explore
And it's amazing how far you've come.

Rolling over, eating peas,
No longer spooked by my loud sneeze,
Bravo! Be proud of what you've done!

Of course, it did go by too fast,
How quickly present becomes past
Before too long you'll be a young man

But trust me, Cooper K.
I'll always find a way
To make your childhood as joyful as I can.

I love you, my 6-month old boy.

Could I be More In Love With You?

What a drooling, wide-eyed, handsome guy!

Lil' Jake

I love this picture of Jakob. It is the definition of "nostalgia." It looks like it was taken during the Great Depression. It looks like one of those old-timey advertisements..."Buy King Midas Flour...Lil' Jake Says : It's The Best!!!"

Cooper's starting to look less like an infant and more like a little boy. I wonder if Coop's two front teeth will emerge like Daddy's in this photo.

Cooper is teething. It is a bumpy, angry, tough row to ho. I feel so bad for my little guy. In the middle of all this growing, learning, and trying to crawl, he has to deal with new teeth slicing their way through gums. He's had sleeping woes and tummy troubles.

He doesn't much like the teething toys. He spits them out and gives me a look like, "Uh, NO! That doesn't help me, woman!" He refuses to take a bottle. He screams bloody murder when one is offered. I think that's because sucking on the rubber nipple hurts and the boob gives him extra comfort. Boobs do tend to give comfort.

The best medicine is distraction. We go for more walks and play and read until momma is totally pooped out. Then, it's Exersaucer or Swing time. If anyone has other soothing suggestions, I'm all ears.