Feliz Christmas!

Boat Cookie!

Last night, Jakob and I stayed up past our bedtime to make Christmas Cookies.

At first, Jakob wasn't going to eat the cookies. He was all like, "No no. I'm going to make a chicken pot pie." And I was all like, "NO! No pot pie! You HAVE to eat the cookies! Consuming the cookie is part of the whole cookie cooking & decorating event." The he was all like, "I don't need nothin'. I'm fine."

And then...I concocted a plan. I ate a cookie myself and said, "Oh, these aren't really cooked in the middle. I messed them up!" I started to pout. He tried to comfort me and say, "I'm sure they're fine." I whined, "No! They're raw. Try 'em." He ate one. "A-HA!" I shouted, "I tricked you! They are deliciously PERFECT! I tricked you into eating a cookie. Mwa ha ha ha haaaa!"

He laughed and started choking on his cookie.

After regaining the ability to breathe again, Jakob started decorating with frosting. He's quite artistic. He made fun of this cookie for being silly, but I think it's beautiful:

It's a little boat on a fierce, wintry ocean! It's a boat cookie! Mmmmmmm. Boat cookie.

19 Times a Day

That's how often I change my mind...19 times a day.

Knowing is only HALF the battle...

I'm a worry wart.

I worry about things I can't possibly change.

Sometimes I worry that I'm not worrying enough.

I worry that I worry too much.

boy least likely to

have you heard these blokes?

boy least likely to

me likey lots.

if you enjoy alt rock with xylophones, cute/creepy marionettes and rashida jones (hottie!), check out their video for 'Be Gentle With Me' on You Tube.

i also like the tracks titled:
i see spiders when i close me eyes
i'm glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star.

So. Freakin'. Cute.

Cooper wearing Uncle Andrew's glasses.

The Prodigal Patrick

Last December, we traveled home to New England for the holidays. While we waited to board our plane at Burbank Airport, Jakob purchased a Patrick Star doll for Cooper.

Patrick hung out with us during all the festive Christmas and New Year activities. Then, when we returned to California, he was gone. We looked high and low. Alas, no fuzzy, pink starfish in green shorts was to be found. We purchased a second Patrick doll for Cooper to love.

Fast forward to last Friday. It was finally chilly enough for me to dig around the closet for my winter faux fur diva coat. I slipped it on and felt a strange bump in the side pocket. Oh my! PATRICK!

Now there's two Patricks!

I wonder what the past year has been like for Patrick #1. Was he stuck in that dark pocket the entire time? Was he waiting and praying that someone would find him and rescue him? Or did he sneak off and have wild adventures? Did he return merely because he ran out of money? Perhaps he's going to convince Patrick #2 to accompany him on his next journey.

To Cooper, two Patricks are better than one. He holds them both in his hands and tosses them around. Then he realizes that he likes playing with stuff that makes noise and he throws his Patricks to the ground and goes to play his piano, or his xylophone, or his Elmo Camera, or his talking Leap Frog phone, or his singing Animal Train.

Note to self (and grandparents): Cooper has PLENTY of toys.