Animal For Lollipops

I recently got a job and so you know what that neglect! But better late than never! Am I right? Right? Please say I'm right...

Ok, here's some pix from Halloween night.

Our pumpkin. Oogie Boogie, to go along with the whole 'Nightmare Before Christmas' theme. A women took pictures of my front yard paper mache display. I felt honored.

Cooper went to about ten houses. Everyone thought he was Elmo.

I stayed at home while the boys went out. There were not a ton of trick-or-treaters, but 3 princesses, 2 Batmen, 2 zombies, 1 wizard, 1 Mexican wrestler and an alien all came begging for candy at my door.

I told Cooper he could have one candy before bed. He started digging out all the lollipops and unwrapping them and trying to eat several at a time. I had to clarify that I did not mean one TYPE of candy--I meant one, SINGLE piece.

And who eats many lollipops at once? Yick! Yeek! Yuck! What's appealing about a lime, coconut, cotton candy, root beer lollipop flavor combo? According to Cooper, I'm missing out on a flavor explosion. That's just fine by me.

He won't touch any of the other candy. He says he hates chocolate. Um...that's fine by me, too. (Insert sound of a fun sized Milky Way wrapper being ripped open here.)