Halloweenie Treats

"Ladies and gentlemen...


Cooper officially loves Halloween. He was such a good boy at pre-school this morning. (More on that in another post.)

Here's an Insane Clown Pumpkin from the pumpkin patch trip.

JAKOB ZOMBIE from our Day of the Dead shoot.


Most of you know about the famed Detroit Street Party. Every year these crazy wackos we went to school with convert a charming home into a scary movie explosion! This year's theme was 'Ghostbusters'.

ECTO1 car

Spooky librarian..."Shhhhhhhhh!"

And, finally, my Goblin Gourd that I carved at 1:00am:

Happy Halloween, kids!

Pumpkin Patch - Year 2!

Cooper had so much fun at the pumpkin patch last year that we just had to return.

I knew he wouldn't sit long in that cart. 3 minutes and 10 seconds went by and then he had his leg up over the rail ready to jump wagon.

He touched every gourd in the place. He also liked throwing the hay.

When he started throwing the pumpkins, I became concerned. I didn't want to pay for a bunch of busted squash. More importantly, there were infants and wee babies at the lot that day and I certainly didn't want my kid to commit assault with a deadly pepo.

Check out that Super Mario Bro! They spared no expense.

We ended up getting a HUGE pumpkin that I have yet to carve. I want to get some better tools. I want it to be impressive. I have not decided on the design, but I have two days and I work best under pressure, right :)

My boys. My Halloween. My oh my.

Music News!

Here's singer/songwriter, Cooper Kingsley White with his latest single, "Wave Bye, Baby."

This is the original acoustic version.

Rumor has it that a remix is in the works and may be released sometime early next week--depending on how much mommy can get done. There is, afterall, a Halloween costume to be made.

The Dead Poet Dinner


The best presents are not found at the mall
in the glass cabinet at Macy's.
Nor can they be found at the Melrose flea market,
Or the specialty food shoppes of Brentwood,
Or the fancy liquor stores in the North Hills...

The best birthday gift is someone you love letting you know that they love you, too.

Welcome Baby Gantz!


Born October 8th, 2008.
21" long, 9lbs, 5 oz.

Congrats Ryan and Jenny!
And welcome to the world, little Devo!

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Pimp My Ride

Coop's carriage was looking dull and dingy. It was time for a makeover.