CHRISTMAS 2009...The Holly & The Jolly Of It All!

Holy Pop Tarts! I'm so far behind on the Coop Bloggy Blog.

After enduring the nuttiest November EVAH, I was looking forward to a Feliz Navidad. For those of you who don't know, Cooper was kicked out of daycare for unruly and aggressive behavior. (BABY'S FIRST EXPULSION!)

Fortunate for Coop, Santa knew the whole debacle was bullspit.

Cooper loved the Christmas tree. He was very into the star. "Star on top of da TREEEEEE!" he'd sing.

I attached some paper snowflakes to the ceiling fan so that when it turned all the snowflake's shadows swirled around on the walls of my dining nook. Sure it was just a goofy paper craft, but it was a tad magical. The shadows slowly circled around and I heard a Danny Elfman score play in my brain.

We had a pre-Christmas dinner with Uncle Sean since he was journeying east to spend the holidays with his main squeeze, Kate.

(I really wanted to use the term "main squeeze," just then.)

Kate got me the pricey shampoo that helps me wash away my low self-esteem. Sean got Coop an electronic drum kit and he's been playing it quite a bit. He's a wee Ringo...or maybe a wee John Bonham, or perhaps, god help us, Lars Ulrich.

We decorated cookies and set them out for Santa. Cooper actually met Santa this year at the mall. (More on that insanity in a future post. I just don't presently have the energy.)

Christmas morning started in front of the computer. Thanks to our new web cam, we were able to have Cooper open a few gifts as Mimi, Grampy and Uncle Jordan looked on from New Hampshire. Thanks computers! You're tops!

Coop loves puzzles and he got several for Christmas. He also got some percussion instruments, books, Fraggle Rock, Yo Gabba Gabba, a Spider Man clock, a keyboard and a NEW set of tools. (Mommy left the old tools on the road by the car and they were stolen. None of that matters now. Mommy can shed her guilt.)

Memere and Pepere joined us for holiday feasting and boy did we feast. Scallops and bacon, ham, pineapple stuffing, braciole, butternut squash soup, cheesy potatoes...I ate so much I felt like a big, bloated tick.

Cooper refused to nap and since it was Christmas, I refused to make him. I drank nog and watched "It's a Wonderful Life."

Christmas 2009 = success.

Wave Bye, Baby - The DJ Danger Diaper Remix