Ruby's Dance!

I don't need to buy another light bulb again, because this lil' lady lights up a room!

Ruby's been a little under the weather with a yucky cold. Never in my whole life did I imagine that I'd have so much snot to deal with. I thought maybe she might be mutating into one of the X-Men and her power was massive booger production.

But it looks like she's on the mend and Cooper has been such a big help. He looks out for his little sister all the time.

He makes her laugh. They play. They get silly and THEY DANCE!

You think you can dance? Not like my toddler. Take it away Ruby Girl!


Joe said...

pepere's in love.
Thanks Nicole!

Joe said...

awwww...pepere's in love.
thanks Nicole!

Joe said...

She's a dancing queen! Cooper is teaching her all the moves. What a doll she is. Can't wait to dance with you all soon. Thanks for the video. It made us smile all day.