It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Even if you only know me a little, you know that I love October.

I miss the brilliant foliage show that the trees back in New England throw every autumn, but I like fall here in California, too.

And Halloween is the craziest holiday which makes it the best. We spent some of this weekend making the front yard a bit more spooktacular.

Someone placed the bat on this skull like a hair piece. It's the new, all natural Rabies for bone heads!

It's Memere's last weekend here in Tujunga. For the past to Octobers, my mother has flown 3,000 miles to help me juggle it all. This year she came out to save my sanity whilst hubby was in India. I can't even begin to thank her enough. I'm going to miss her so much.

She's the grandmother anyone would want. She's always in the mood to play or color or do puzzles or cook or read a book. That's what a grandma should be; someone who treasure you non-stop. And she fosters Coop's creative side. We all put together this twisted scarecrow for the front yard using Daddy's old clothes and a burlap mask and some paint.

We noticed that our frightening monster scarecrow lost a lot of his evil swagger when we put a hat on him. Now he looked more,"festive." More like Truman Capote.

Put a smaller, more cutesy scarecrow next to him and now he's a ventriloquist!

"Hey folks, it's great to be here. I wasn't sure if I was going to perform tonight but then I thought, 'What the hay?' Get it? What the hay! HAY-ohhhhh."

Three weeks ago, Cooper wanted to dress up as The Joke for Halloween. Two weeks ago, he changed his mind and wanted to be Darth Vader. Last week he switched it up again and said he wanted to be a pirate. This morning, he says he has made his final decision...he'll be Batman.

Remember when the hardest decision you had to make was what you were going to be for Halloween?


RIRI said...

October in Tujunga is the best. Especially at 10232 Marcus Avenue. The time flew by and it's hard to believe that I'm back home already. It was the best being with Cooper and Ruby and thanks for letting me pick Cooper up early from school so we could play together. We had so much fun. Thank you too for letting Ruby stay home and play. She is just like you Nicole when you were a baby. I loved our dinner at Boshan and the best part was spending time with you, my Cooper.